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Lockdown 2020 is a challenging time for almost everyone in South Africa (and the rest of the world). Having a baby during this period will have it’s own unique difficulties. You might not be able to book a photographer for the birth, Fresh 48 hospital session or even a newborn session at home. Don’t despair – with some advice you can still create memories that will be cherished. And once we are allowed to travel freely again, you can have a wonderful baby shoot. Fortunately babies stay absolutely adorable – doesn’t matter how old they are!

Finally, your highly anticipated little one has arrived. With the birth comes a ton of emotions, lots of physical healing for Mom, big adjustments and sheer, overwhelming joy of course! There are a LOT of new things to be learned, specially with your first. Feeding, nappies, sleeping (or not sleeping…), crying, siblings, balancing it all…

If you give birth at a hospital, you will usually have 2 or 3 days that most of the above are not as intense yet. At least – that was my experience with my 3 babies. You will have some alone time with baby without too many distractions. If you can find a little bit of energy – this is a wonderful time to capture beautiful photos of your brand new baby. You will be so glad you did!

The photos below is of my youngest. He will be a year old soon and I can hardly believe he was so tiny just 10 months ago!

fresh 48 newborn baby
fresh 48 newborn baby

Below 5 tips for Mom to photograph your newborn in hospital:

  1. LIGHT
    This is the most important to keep in mind! Taking the photos during the day, using natural window light if at all possible. This will make all the difference! Don’t use your flash, this can cause harsh shadows. Move babies hospital bassinet right next the window. Keep in mind that the light should come from the side or from the top of babies head downward.
    Feed baby and wrap them up tightly if needed. These photos are natural and even a few crying ones are special. But it’s definitely easier & faster to work with a happy baby.
    Experiment with different angles. From the top and side. Closer and further away. Sometimes, the slightest angle change can give a very different look to babies face!
    Also, try not to photograph up babies nose.
    Capture babies perfect details. Hair, hands, feet, skinny legs. Get as close as possible.
    If you have a DSLR use a wide aperture to make the best of natural light. If you have a compact camera or even a smartphone (with a decent camera) that can work just as well. If you are using a smartphone, make sure the lens is perfectly clean, if not your photos will have a hazy glow. If your camera/phone has a macro setting use it to get as close as possible.
fresh 48 newborn baby
fresh 48 newborn baby
fresh 48 newborn baby

Enjoy these tender moments and contact us for a beautiful baby session as soon as it is possible!

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