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What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session?

Lifestyle photography aims to capture people in their natural surroundings, from a creative viewpoint. It tells a story with special emphasis on details & relationships. For every photographer and client this will look slightly different of course.

mommy and newborn baby

Where will we do the Newborn Lifestyle Session?

The session will be done in your home, where you & your family are most comfortable. We can use any area of your home, but usually the main bedroom & nursery works very well.

parents and newborn baby in his nursery

Does my home need to be perfectly tidy and clean?

Absolutely not, you already have your hands full! The wonderful thing with photos is that certain elements of a room can be avoided if need be. The most important is to be relaxed & the rest can be tweaked as we go.

cute baby toes

What will we do during the Session?

We will capture the family as a whole, siblings interacting with the newest addition, Mom & Dad with baby, as well as baby on his/her own.

I will give guidance on where to sit or stand, and then we will do a combination of posed and completely natural photos. For example rocking baby to sleep standing next to a window. Or lying on the bed admiring every little detail of your brand new baby.

I’m getting so excited just thinking of all these beautiful, precious moments!!

parents and baby

How long does the session usually last & what time of day is the best?

1 tot 1.5 hours max. If it’s your first child, 1 hour is usually adequate. If you have other children as well it might take a little longer.

In general I find that newborn sessions work best during the course of the morning. If you have a toddler that needs to nap at a specific time, we will work around that to find the best time.

baby on the bed

What should we wear?

Keeping in mind that the purpose of the session is to capture authenticity, you should wear clothes that everyone feels comfortable in. But, it should also be timeless and not distracting. Big patterns and logos should be avoided. In general, lighter/pastel/neutral colours work better than dark colours. It gives a softer feel to the overall look of the photos.
Baby should have outfits that fit well. One being a vest/similar, so we can see his/her little feet & legs. And then perhaps a onesie or something special you would love to have captured. And lastly backup outfit in case there is a big milk or poop spill! 😉

family with a newborn baby

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