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What To Wear

Please take the suggestions below as a very flexible guide. While these ideas are traditionally known to work well for portraiture, I believe what is most important is that everyone is comfortable, relaxed and having fun!!


Solid colours work well in almost all situations. I love the look of bright, bold colours paired with denim or khakis. The old fashioned rule is to steer clear of patterns, but colourful stripes as long as they aren’t too busy can give a fresh modern look. Logos and words almost always detract from the face and aren’t recommended for a primary outfit, but can be a nice secondary outfit reflecting lots of personality. Interesting textures (think denim + knits) help bring more depth to black & white portraits.


For adults, long trousers look better than shorts. When bare arms and legs are exposed to the camera, the added skin tones take attention away from the face. For toddlers and small children it does not really matter.  For the ladies – keep in mind that sleeveless tops might draw a lot of unwanted attention to your arms.


Feet may make an appearance in the photos. Co-ordinate from head to toe selecting appropriate shoes in case they get in the shots. Better yet, go barefoot. Bare feet are a great way to add a fresh and fun attitude to your portraits. Kids love it and young children are especially adorable when photographed with bare feet:-) Hats can be very effective, as well as other accessories such as scarves or funky belts.


You are more than welcome to have changes of clothes ready, but keep in mind: your little one may get grouchy when there are too many clothing changes. Prioritize. For infants, a diaper and bare belly are the look. It’s adorable to add fun accessories like a hat or socks to this simple approach. Diaper covers work great for covering up diapers with caricatures on them, but aren’t a necessity.

The clothes you pick out for your children shouldn’t be stiff, or complicated. We want everyone to be comfortable, and we want the focus in the pictures to be on the child, not the clothes. For boys: jeans and especially overalls for photos taken outside work very well! For girls: a pretty sundress or any outfit without a lot of prints.

Lastly, keep in mind that clothing for each family member should have the same tone, not necessarily the same colour. Or, have the girls wear one tone while the boys wear another. Another alternative…have each member wear a different solid colour top and denim bottoms. Bare feet are great for a family session too!


This is such a special time! Keep all the previous in mind, as well as:

Props for the baby – hats, shoes & socks –  especially knitted ones works brilliantly. For the rest of the family – for at least one outfit try aiming for neutral colours – such as white, beige, black. And another outfit with more colour.


If in doubt…Feel free to bring extra clothing along, we can choose together at the studio!

For more info, price & packages or any other questions you might have, please CONTACT me:)